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FARM is an alternative form of non-violent protest, reclaiming public space to build community, providing services for underserved and transient populations and/or rehabilitating toxic land.

While we may not be holding picket signs and screaming on the corner of Market and Powell, we care about the homeless situation in San Francisco. We care about the plight of the day laborers and immigration labor rights. We care about the environmentally toxic soil surrounding CCA. And we have the power to provide ourselves with an alternative to corporate farming practices: we have the power to do it ourselves.

FARM Press:
SFMOMA Blog (June 3, 2009)
KPFA Radio
(April 11, 2009)- go to timecode 16:32
Alumni Spotlight
(CCA Website)
Potrero View
(August, 2009 Video Story)
- “Local Dirt” (October 20, 2009) Download audio:
Fast Company: Case Studies in Sustainbility
(December 8, 2009)
Potero View
(April, 2010)
TEDx Talk (April 2011)
The Davis Enterprise (January 2012)
The Davis Enterprise #2 (January 2012)
Sacramento News and Review (Sept 2012)

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